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As Federation Flyer Editor, I am pleased to present the Winter 2017 electronic version. In addition to the electronic version, a hard copy will also be delivered to your doorstep. The more ways we can make it easier to read and share, the better! You will also notice The Flyer is transitioning to a new look and feel.

Let us know your thoughts, impressions and suggestions. Please also note that we are developing new sections for the Flyer as follows, hopefully to begin with our upcoming Spring 2017 issue. The idea is to broaden our focus beyond “I won this summary judgment motion”, or, “I made the management committee at my firm” or the classic so many of our members see, “I was just named a SuperbLawyer’s Best, by BigLaw Magazine” to that of what really makes us tick as people; what makes us interesting or simply amusing? Where do we show our FDCC leadership in our community? How does the FDCC impact our lives outside the FDCC and our firms/practice?

These new sections are:

  1. Outside the Law: What sorts anecdotes and expertise/experiences have you or do you have that make your life outside the practice of law all the more interesting and adventurous/fun? Are you a wicked good cellist, or a club champ paddle tennis player? Did you just get a pilot’s license, fish the Alaskan Mulchatna River, Climb K2, or publish THE book on Japanese Calligraphy?

  2. Over & Above: Do you have any positions or major roles in or awards from a significant organization other than your firm or the FDCC in your hometown, legal community or on a larger organization? Were you recently honored by your former Air Force wing? Are you serving as new President-Elect of your State Legal Defense Organization? Did your law school just present a special Benchers Award to you? Are you one of several FDCC Members who spoke at a major institute recently?

  3. FDCC Family: Do you have an anecdote of “outside the meeting” adventures with other FDCC members or your spouse and/or family? Did you get charged by a bull buffalo when shooting photos of the herd on your way to the recent Banff meeting? Did you join a leg of another FDCC member’s cycle across the USA?

  4. FDCC Pro Bono: Tell about a compelling pro bono matter you handled in your community and how did it impact your view of others or yourself?

  5. FDCC Pillars: Can you relate a fascinating story behind one or more of the FDCC Pillars of Knowledge, Justice and Fellowship? Some historical tidbit from within the FDCC or from the meaning behind these pillars?

Submitting one photo of what you’ve done along with your story will be helpful for all! We look to have you share your news and adventures for possible inclusion in future issues of The Flyer. Our goal is to highlight members as well as to demonstrate the impact of the FDCC on our members, their families and their communities. Please send them on to me, as Flyer Editor, at

Your contributions are encouraged and welcome.

Craig A. Marvinney
Editor, Federation Flyer


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