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July 2018 E-Newsletter

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2018 Annual Meeting
July 29-August 4, 2018
Wailea Beach, HI

15th Annual Corporate Counsel Symposium
September 16-18, 2018
Philadelphia, PA

2019 Winter Meeting
March 24-28, 2019
J.W. Marriott
Austin, TX
2019 FedTech & Presentation Conference
April 5-7, 2019
Philadelphia, PA

2019 Annual Meeting

July 21-29, 2019

Resort & Spa,

Sun Valley, ID

From the President 
Federation Farewell
As my Presidency comes to an end, some friends asked me to describe what it was like to serve as President of the FDCC.  I struggled to find the right words that captured my feelings. I said it was amazing and shared some of the unbelievable experiences I have had.  But they did not understand - at least not truly - because if you are not part of the Federation how can you really understand what membership means, let alone being President.    
I joined the Federation 15 years ago.  I did not know much of anything about the FDCC except what my partners Bob Babcock and Tom Sterchi shared. I was a member of the ABA and several other organizations and figured this would be the same deal - hit a few cocktail parties, grab dinner with some people and maybe get a little business.  

Susan and I had with three young kids and from the very beginning we all learned the FDCC was not the same thing.  We learned early on that there was really something to the Federation Family. It is impossible to recount or remember every experience since we joined.  There were of course the amazing meetings and parties. But it was the people, families and friendships that stood out to us and the personal stuff that comes from those connections.  The weddings. The funerals. The births.

You start to understand what the Federation means when you experience the hospitality of Tom and Ann Cordell.  Or joining General Mike Neil for a drink (at an Irish Pub, of course). Or having lunch with Greg Witke and Rich Traub at The Vortex before the start of the Litigation Management College.  It is special.

I have always loved playing hoops.  Especially playing against good players because you get to see how good good is.  You learn pretty quick on a court how you measure up and if you can hang with good.  The same is true with the Federation. Looking back at when I joined, I was a young attorney who thought he knew a thing or two about trying lawsuits and practicing law.  The crazy thing was, I was right! After sitting through a couple of Trial Masters programs, I realized that all I really knew was a thing or two. The beauty of Federation meetings though is that you learn quick from the likes of a Doug Houser, Ric Gass and Lewis Collins.  

It did not take long to figure out the FDCC was different and that I really wanted to become a part of this group.  What took time to understand was how the Federation was different from every other organization. The how matters. The how is what separates us from everyone.  It defines us. It is what makes us the preeminent defense organization.

So what is the difference?  You. Seriously, tell me a defense organization (or any other organization for that matter) that has as fine a collection of people as the Federation.  You cannot because there is none. Every page of our Roster is filled with the best lawyers. Leaders in their law firms. Leaders of the defense bar.  Leaders in their communities.

Our predecessors had the forethought to put in place an application process that ensured only the brightest attorneys and the finest people became members.  Our vetting process is unbelievable. Every member is investigated. Judges, clients, opposing counsel and your colleagues are among the hundreds of people we ask if you measure up.  Are you above and beyond your peers?

When you appreciate the quality of the members, you begin to appreciate how special this last year was.  

Why did I want to become President of the Federation?  Because at times we seemed to be more a secret society than the leading defense organization.  I figured that needed to change. Plus, the timing was perfect for a change. The more people get bombarded with endless requests to join popularity driven organizations, the more I thought they would crave and appreciate a place where you will make lifelong friends - not just business connections.
The FDCC captures everything good about our profession.  We have what others do not, members who all are the brightest and nicest our profession has to offer.   It may sound a bit old fashioned, but we still care about pursuing knowledge, justice and fellowship. To me, the FDCC is a "Field of Dreams" kind of thing - "If you build it they will come."  If others could experience what Susan and I have and meet the people we have, how could they not want to be part of it, right? So spreading the word about the Federation and the exceptionalism it represents became my mission.  

The good news is that we are spreading the word about Federation Exceptionalism like never before thanks to social media and the efforts of many, including Heidi Goebel, Frank Ramos, Alison Christian and Marisa Trasatti.  The results exceeded our wildest expectations. Tens of thousands have watched our YouTube videos. Even more are hearing about us through LinkedIn posts. And we are just scratching the surface of ways we are telling people about the FDCC.  

People are coming.  In-house Counsel Membership is up. Defense Counsel Membership is up. International Counsel Membership is up.    

More than anything, this year has given me a new perspective on the organization.  Perspective changes the way we see things. As President you get to see the whole organization in ways few can.  Let me tell you, the view from the top is stunning.

I was fortunate this year to work with hundreds of our members and have an even greater appreciation for how wonderful you all are.  You put our people together with programming like Evolve (a first of its kind technology training and certification program) and you have an unbeatable combination.  

I traveled from Asia to Europe and all across the US and Canada spreading the word about who and what we are.  What I can report is that there is an energy and excitement about the FDCC which is unrivaled and the envy of every other organization.  Hands down, there has never been a better time to be a member of the Federation and the future is as bright as the Kansas sun.

So what was it like to be your President - it was the best!

Scott Kreamer,

Calling All FDCC Members: Register Today for the 2018 Annual Meeting
Aloha! Over 500 FDCC members and families are already registered to attend the event of a lifetime: the Federation's 2018 Annual Meeting at the iconic Marriott Wailea Beach Resort & Spa in Maui, Hawaii. There's still time to register if you would like to join your colleagues for a week of world class plenary sessions, Section Meetings, networking events, off-site tours and excursions, and inspiring keynote speakers, all in one of the world's most beautiful and serene venues. Click here for full details.

Chairs of the meeting, Todd and Debbie Roberts, and of the program, Bob and Erin Christie, have put together a compelling schedule of events enabling you and your family to combine a proper balance of relevant education and needed relaxation.
  • Get first-hand information to improve your practice, opportunities and responsibilities from our own member thought leaders and their experiences in artificial intelligence; construction and insurance law; data breach and privacy; employment practices and workplace violence; balancing professional and personal pursuits; creating a culture for sustainable success; class actions and MDL; and many more.
  • Hear from our keynote speakers: Bethany Hamilton on how she chose to "Be Unstoppable" and rise from a shark attack to being an inspiration to young people and adults alike; and Dr. Spencer Wells on his transformational study on "The Journey of Man." Hear how he started his work by looking back 200,000 years ago, when a man--identical to us in all important respects--lived in Africa, and how every person alive today is descended from him. How did this real-life Adam wind up father of us all? What happened to the descendants of other men who lived at the same time? And why, if modern humans share a single prehistoric ancestor, do we come in so many sizes, shapes, and races?
  • Zipline through a canyon; learn how to snorkel and scuba; tour Pearl Harbor; catch the sunrise at the top of the dormant Haleakala Volcano and then ride a bicycle down; go deep sea fishing; take the Road to Hana; go on a submarine or cultural tour; take a hike to a waterfall; win the golf and/or tennis tournament; learn how to make a PuPu and then enjoy eating them; be a part of our luau; participate in a stimulating book club discussion; take a photography class and then post your pictures; do some taste testing on the beer and spirits tour; and bring it all together with the Aloha Night in White Gala at the end of the week.
  • Or, you can just relax and watch the sunset over the Pacific. We have a pool or beach chair with your name on it.

All this can be yours at the 2018 FDCC Annual Meeting in Maui. Please join your friends and colleagues at this seminal event.

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